Dear Diary,
I love to write to you, but I have found something interesting while writing here recently. I know, I have lot of things to let you apprise and some of them I don’t want to share with others, the public.
Once I thought I would keep writing everything to you here, that’s why my other diary, the hard copy I kept to my office unused. But I have bring back that diary last day. Yes, like me you are gonna split. Sorry for that.
Mentor, as you know I like to read others mind to analysis the diversity around me. I used it very carefully and got astonished every time. Mostly because of the hatred and heinous mentality when I faced. I found many of my surrounding people took it very easily and cautiously when faced abnormalities from people. But I can’t get used to, everytime not only I got astonished but also surprisingly felt pain. Poor I am…!

(music is coming from the next door, a very sad music. Most of the people likes sad one…! Is that like the dialog once shaken me- দুঃখ দুঃখ, সুখ…! Interesting indeed. )

Anyway, I am passing very tight time. The other day someone told me that every people suppose to have three life, personal, professional and familiar..! Where I do have only one, Professional…! Very specific fingering.
I always to be a very ordinary guy. I wanted not to be astonished seeing the stupidity of my surrounding people rather want to behave like other peoples do. So, I must have to have every part of life people used to have.

By the way, have to go to the roof now. Today is a very singular day in cosmic view. Very rare and dangerous Meteor shower can be observed at night to the naked sky. Want not to miss it. It is a very singular but highly dependent on probability, may or may not be watched. Crossing my fingers, lets see.
12:22 am

Here is the news on the METEOR SHOWER:


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6 Responses to উল্কা ঝড়, Meteor Shower

  • Anonymous says:

    nice write up…..

  • Nusrat says:


  • Hussain says:

    Sir,I think every one in this world has some specific characteristics. so, here diversity is a must from person to person. we can’t get an already made surroundings of us. we have to find out those people for surroundings or specific one for life who is ready to match with us by sacrifice,compromise,understanding and love.those people and that one is perfect.because only in this way it is possible to remove diversity but obviously by giving the perfection comes. we all have to make or manage it.but it is really tough to get those adament persons.and it is also tough to manage ourselves to cope with changes.but if we can,happiness will come for sure.

    • Fida Hasan says:

      Hi, but the words sacrifice,compromise,understanding and love already turned a ready-made surrounding.In this regards, I think commitment is something can make the real difference around us, can make predictable and productive journey.
      However, you are talking about something very nostalgic part of my life.

  • Hussain says:

    i think when a person is ready to sacrifice, compromise , love some one only then he or she
    can be commited. when you are dealing with someone in any fact but you are not commited it means
    you are not ready for those terms too. so may be everyone should be commited and take others commitment
    before making them their surroundings. if you see that someone wants a deal but don’t want to be commited
    then it means something is very wrong with him or her. so, ”commitment” indeed a very important thing to be examined.
    only good and special things can make us nostalgic.and we always found the speciality after passing or loosing the time or things. we are stupid human being, being nostalgic too.

    • Fida Hasan says:

      Sacrifice, compromise and love is situation dependent default but not the commitment. Commitment is highly interleaved with ethics but the others don’t.
      That’s why sacrifice and compromise are everyday steps for living and love is available and cheap but the commitment is the sign of their existence in terms of purity. So, the sign of sacrifice, promise and even love is volatile without commitment.

      However, sometimes committed people also break their stance are the example of Hippocratic behavior isn’t expected.

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