8th May, 2015
QUT, GP, Brisbane

Dear Diary,
I have had a very long week this time, had to do lots of brain work along with some experiments. Some codes were not working and I was depressed. But in this evening code finally talked to me and worked properly.
Here is the result

It was like hammering the brain over the time . I presume, computer becomes so smart nowadays, it forgets to HANG instead learned to trick the users to be hanged..! Yeah…I felt like I am stuck while working with computer and it does not listen to me. My feelings over the week was so down..!
At that time, to find some sort of self-rescue, I thought to attend a cultural festival named iStage Gala that was arranged by QUT and I was invited by Imon. Imon is a Bangladeshi PhD student here, is a good dude.
The venue was just beside the block I stay, Z block. So I rashly went their to attend. Arriving there I found a campaign of fund rising for the victim of earthquake in Nepal. I contributed and grab a seat to get refreshed.
About the program, I must say it was an wonderful ceremony with peoples from different parts of the world. hmm…it was also a worth place to enjoy cultural diversity.

I knew some people there from the other program we arranged before during the celebration of International Mother Language Day. Ravi, he is from Srilanka, Uma from Tamil, India, I couldn’t remember some others name but were from Indonesia, Iran, Germany, Nepal, China, Fizi and many other countries. Maria, who was from QUT authority may be were co-coordinating the event. I donno where she is from but another performer of that event was just like a carbon copy of her..! I donno how they are related…!
However, It was pompous. I enjoyed a lot.

Here are some clips of that event: I know someday it will work to refresh me again through reminiscence.

Here is the Bamboo Dance. During this performance I felt earthquake in that floor. hmm…It was the Resonance results from their steps at the same time.

I donno the name of this dance but have to say OWOOOo…

Here is the Bachata Dance Americanoooo

Undoubtedly, those were good sources of fun and refreshment.


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