Area of Expertise


My profession is Teaching, more specifically  it is not only my profession rather it is my [highlight]determination[/highlight] and my [highlight]passion[/highlight]. Yes, that is why I come to this profession and I said it, by my choice. Although my first and foremost concentration is to teach students but beside this I do also consult others in some specific areas related to my expertise domain.

So, If you need help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, I’m eager to assist you.
I’m use to serve as:

[list type="sc-list-07"][icon type="sc-icon-08"]IT consulting[/icon]

[icon type="sc-icon-08"]Computer consultancy[/icon]

[icon type="sc-icon-08"]Technology consulting business and technology services or IT advisory[/icon]

[icon type="sc-icon-08"]Office Automation (Including web presence)[/icon][/list]

Moreover, I can also afford you in your:

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