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[blockquote]How to Download Materials::::[/blockquote]
[highlight](General Guideline to Download Materials)[/highlight]
Downloading Materials is pretty simple. For each individual course the materials links are given in right hand side. All of those materials is uploaded into another site whose address is; It is a very reputed free file sharing site.
To Download any material follow the steps below:

1. [highlight]Click the desired Material.[/highlight]Then you will see the content which would be readable now.

2. To download you need to have [highlight]an account[/highlight]. Opening account in is [highlight]free and easy[/highlight]. You can create an account [highlight]OR[/highlight] you can also enter using Facebook Account. Facebook Account also support to enter in scribd. Just simply click the option, [highlight]Log in with Facebook[/highlight] Button.

3. Now Click [highlight]Download[/highlight]button which you will get in the right side bar of the content.


*** P.S. Sometimes Scribd don’t permit to download material unless you have unload something. In this circumstances, [highlight]upload anything[/highlight]to your account and in return SCRIBD will allow you to download your desired material. [/column_12]