Students’ Aim in Life (Exclusive)

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This part tell the aim/resolution of my Students. There have a old saying, ‘A man without aim is ship without rudder’. I certainly believe it. I found that a remarkable number of my students come to study by chance..! The overall education system and situation propelled them and bring in this stage. Thus I’ve take a measure to ask them about their purpose of the education that they are receiving and the aim in their life.
Sometimes, I gave them assignment to write their goal thoughtfully. Here have some of those collection.
This document could be a portfolio that could help them to get their direction. They can even also match after a certain period that, whether they could able to full fill their destiny that they were headed once…

[highlight]So, student feel free to find out what you have thought once. :) [/highlight]
(This is not yet completed)

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